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KZF型开箱、装箱、封箱一体机KZF type unpacking, packing and sealing machine

本机通过输送线完成整理、码垛、排放,十字机械手抓取物品装箱,集开箱、装箱、封箱为一体。该机通过PLC编程和人机界面控制、机、电、气一体化。物品尺寸变化通过模具改变,完成自动装箱工作。单机、联线均可使用。设备性能稳定可靠,是您提高生产效率的理想设备?br /> The machine adopts the conveyor line to finish the sorting, stacking and discharge, and the cross manipulator grabs the goods box, and sets the boxes, boxes and seals into one. The machine is integrated with PLC programming and man-machine interface control, machine, electricity and gas. The change of the size of the article through the mold change, complete the automatic boxing work. Single machine, wire can be used. The equipment performance is stable and reliable, it is your ideal equipment to improve production efficiency.

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