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三维透明膜盒式包装机Transparent Film Packing Machine
TBZ型三维透明膜盒?a href="http://kinhet.com/bzj/" target="_blank">包装?/a>
Rotating  Tower TypeThree-dimensional 
Transparent Film Box Packing Machine.

澳门新葡亰app官方下载 本机主要特点是对有规则的软包物品进行单盒外包装的通用设备,该设备广泛用于食品、医药、化妆品等行业。该机采用分度转塔机构,并带有自动粘贴防伪易拉线功能,其包装速度通过调整频率完成,包装后的物品平整、美观、并可对一些散装片式物品进行无盒集盒包装?br /> The main feature of this machine is the general equipment for packing the soft package with the rules, which is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. The machine USES indexing turret institutions, with automatic paste anti-counterfeiting easy pull function, the packing speed by adjusting the frequency, the packed goods smooth, beautiful, and to some bulk type items out of box packing box set.

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